Jyger’s New Year’s Resolutions

So yeah, Happy New Year everybody! Boy, 2011 was crazy at times, eh? And something tells me it only gets wilder this year. But all that said, there’s a topic I gotta talk about: New Year’s Resolutions. A LOT of people make New Year’s Resolutions, including my gf who has actually made a list of them on her blog. It’s actually a pretty impressive list, albeit  a LONG one (16 resolutions for one year, man is she gonna be busy). As for me, I have ONE New Year’s Resolution I would like to share with you all: To NOT make any New Year’s Resolutions.

Now before you start lighting your torches, lemme explain that I don’t think New Year’s Resolutions are stupid in any way, shape, or form. If you wanna make a Resolution for the New Year, all power to you. It’s just that I try to avoid making them, and it’s really only because of one reason: I NEVER manage to keep them. I don’t know why, I just always manage to break them no matter how intent I am to follow through with them at the beginning of the year. And knowing me, I’d likely choose something really important as my resolution and would thus jinx it. Thus, I am not going to bother and instead take on my goals as they come to me.

So anyway, as I said before, to all my friends, viewers, flamers, and stalkers (you know who you are), this is Jyger saying HAPPY NEWYEAR!!!


About Jyger85

Huge fan of wrestling, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers/Super Sentai, and video games. But I WILL talk smack when one of them tick me off. lol

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