Lewis Lovhaug is NOT Your Slave

Okay, I DON’T generally do this, but while cruising the forums I landed upon an issue revolving around one Lewis J. Lovhaug, AKA Linkara. It seems that a LARGE number of people have got it into their heads that they can demand that he drop everything he’s doing just so that he can finish new episodes of History of Power Rangers at the pace that THEY want him to.

Now for those that don’t know, don’t care, or have simply forgotten, allow me to restate the following: Not only is the process of HoPR very long and involved, but he also has his main project AND source of income, Atop The Fourth Wall, AND he has convention appearances, AND he has a personal life that, while avoiding getting into details, has been better than it has the past month or so. Asking him to drop ALL of that is simply not realistic, PERIOD.

But I thought, what’s the best way for me to convey such a message? Well fortunately, inspiration struck when Arkle of http://arklecast.blogspot.com/ suggested on the forums that if we changed the lyrics to George R. R. Martin Is Not Your Bitch to better reflect Linkara and his situation, that could actually pass as the new theme song for HoPR. So with that in mind, my girlfriend and I present the following…

I got an e-mail from a viewer
who said he loved a reviewer
who loved sci-fi fantasy

He asked me if I thought the reviewer
should feel like he’s required
to finish up the series

And this is what I said:

Lewis Lovhaug is not your slave
no matter how much you gripe
Lewis Lovhaug is not your slave
so you might as well go get a life

I said: If you think the reviews are entertaining
it’s best to stop complaining
reviewers just aren’t machines

Lewis never signed a contract
to just work on that project
so find something else to watch

Have you tried SF Debris?

Lewis Lovhaug is not your slave
no matter how much you gripe
Lewis Lovhaug is not your slave
so you might as well go get a life


About Jyger85

Huge fan of wrestling, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers/Super Sentai, and video games. But I WILL talk smack when one of them tick me off. lol

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  1. This is insainly stupid. I find it ironic that a song proclaiming that those complaining about a man not finishing a show for fans that he isnt a slave or your bitch and suggest these people go get a life intern have less to do with their own lives then to sit and write a song about it to prove….what exactly? You need to look in the mirror before you write songs like this again. If you’ll excuse me I have to get these forms to my boss because my break at my job will be over in 5 minutes and I’ve got things to do.

    • So on your breaks from your job, you choose to spend it by insulting random blog writers even though you know it could cut into getting more important things done? Well, to each their own I guess…

    • First of all, how long do you think it takes to write a song like this? I’m not saying that he threw the song together without any thought, but I doubt it took him 8 hours. Also, you’re delivering forms during your break? So is it not really a break? Couldn’t you have done that at the beginning of the break rather than jump on the computer right away and write out a long, senseless reply? Why are you even looking on a site like this at work? Break or not. When I’m on breaks I work, I actually spend the time with others or I do something to benefit myself – get a snack, relax, read, listen to music, etc – not start an argument on the internet. And please don’t go off about how I must have no life or am a hypocrite because I’m telling you that you have no life, but I’m spending my time replying to you. I’m doing this during actual free time after all of my work is done for the day.

  2. Look man I get where you’re coming from. It’s hard to deal with the constant harassment from ungrateful fans, but it also isn’t ok to lash out at Linkara’s fans in general with posts like this. I love Lewis’s History of Power Rangers series and I know how much time must go into this series. I’ve been more than patient with him, defending him multiple times in the HOPR forums on that guy with the glasses against these impatient people you speak of, granted I did attack him once when a particular video was taking 3 months to make, even then I wasn’t expecting the video anytime soon I was more just hoping for an update. That’s another thing, I’m not sure if you read Linkara’s twitter but he DOES NOT give us updates on HOPR even remotely often. Even a post saying “It’s not done, please be patient” would be better than the ALMOST total silent treatment he’s been giving us simply out of his and your distaste for a few unruly fans. It’s not fair to treat us patient fans the exact same way you treat the people who apparently harass Linkara on a daily basis. They aren’t going to stop, get over it and move on, and stop antagonizing his fans if you want him to have any left at the end of the day and you guys are doing a marvelous job of driving away his audience by the way. Find nicer ways to convey the message you need to get out.

    • We’re only criticizing the people who whine and complain and
      constantly ask when the next video will be out and fuss
      when they don’t get the answer they want.
      We are well aware Lewis has a lot of loyal, patient fans. Lewis himself has acknowledged this many times. They are not the target here.

      Also, you need to realize, we get few updates on HoPR because
      there is rarely anything for Lewis to tell us.
      We follow him on Twitter and we know his tweets on the subject are
      few and far between. It’s for a good reason.

      Lastly, just recently at MAGfest X, Lewis GRACIOUSLY gave us a BIG update on when
      he will be going back to work on the project. I invite to watch the video footage

      (Around 57:06, someone in the audience asks about HoPR)

  3. There’s so much kiss-assery in this article, I don’t even know where to start.

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